Chapter 1 - Genesis

The story began at 9:45 AM on April 26th, 1990. My Hometown – a city you can see the eastern rise of the warm sun - in which I grew up to 18 unforgettable years, has something that beckons me through the long journey I made till now. I remember every day playing around in the alleys, falling ground, standing up, the moment my father taught me how to live, and the moment my mother taught me how to love, and every second that I secretly wished to start over the “journey” to feel every glimpse of it again and again.

Chapter 3 - Exodus

The other day, I left my home again seeking for the Celestial City. I passed the continents and borders, the City of Destruction, the Hill Difficulty, to the Delectable Mountains. Eventually, I found that the search for the Utopia may never reach an answer on the earth, and this unfathomable yearning for Progress - inherent in our very nature – could guide us to step over the existence and see the other side.

Chapter 2 - Eve

In an attempt to explore the outside world, I moved to the Capital. In there - a city buried in ash and dust – I tried to learn how to stand on my feet. I made my best friends there. One day, destiny found a way to match every possible way of my existence and come up with an inevitable fate. The apple was picked. Suddenly, the gray shadows of the roving days disappeared and I started to see what I couldn’t see before.

Chapter 4 - Revelation

The original story began 13.799 billion years ago. In the super-dense cloud of Big Bang, just in the first few moments, particles entangled with their pairs and started to move away with the speed of light. Every piece of us, rather tangible – like electrons - or not - like neutrinos – is not only present here, but exists in a cloud backup storage that has been propagated like an omnipresent soul through the universe and even beyond the known dimensions. The human redemption could be in the shape of a cosmic consciousness and who knows that how amazing, magnificent and unprecedented could it be to open your eyes and see that you are not living in the universe, but you ARE the universe.