5- Teaching Assistant (2019)
Employer: University of Manchester
Class: Design Project, Reservoir Fluids and Lab, School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Sciense

4- Post-graduate Researcher (2015-2018)
Employer: Sharif Upstream Petroleum Research Institute (SUPRI), Sharif University of Technology
Projects: Pore-scale simulation of EOR processes in the rock samples of Koupal oil field, Investigation of applicable methods for enhancing oil recovery of Koupal field
Activities: Porous material image processing, modeling and simulation, interpretation of microtomograph and microscopic images of porous sedimentary rocks.

3- Research Assistant (2014-2015)
Employer: Petroleum University of Technology
Projects: EOR Planning of Gachsaran oil field, Similarity analysis in a database of oil fields with successful EOR experiences, Developing a software for automated feasibility studies in upstream oil and gas project
Activities: Software development using MATLAB GUI for selection of the similar hydrocarbon fields based on fuzzy logic, Programming an Excel-based software by combining Visual Basic commands and MATLAB Neural Fitting Toolbox

2- Teaching Assistant (2014)
Employer: Petroleum University of Technology
Class: Advanced EOR/IOR course, Taught by Prof. Riyaz Kharrat
Activities: Lecturing the scientific basis of the IOR methods, Evaluating students term papers

1- Teacher Assistant (2010-2012)
Employer: Sharif University of Technology
Class: Pascal Programming course, Taught by Computer Engineering Department
Activities: Solving course exercises, grading the term programming projects


The places I have worked as a part-time or full-time job since 2010 to now.