3- Quatrains in Spring

2- In the Lanes of Balkh

1- Felicity of the Honest Shrew Ones


Persian poetry is one of my oldest personal affairs. I have started to write poems from an early age in 2002 mainly in the shape of sonnets and also freestyle. Although I have presented some of them in sporadic literature symposiums/meetings, I have never tried to publish them. Maybe, just waiting for the right time and place to do it. Here, I have listed several booklets that contain those poems in the archive. I have my deepest inspirations from Rumi. He is definitely one of the minds who could break through the meaning of life. This is the original text of one of those inspired poems in Persian:

من کیستم؟
من معجزه ی قرن پرآشوب زمینم
پیغمبر بی دفتر و بی ملّت و دینم
من سوخته جانم کی ازین شعله بترسم؟
از نسل خلیل آمدم از اهل یقینم
پا بر سر دنیا زدم و جستم از این خاک
نی کفر و نه ایمانم و نی آنم و اینم
من سایه ی سلطانم و تعبیر جنانم
از نسل سلیمانم و در دست نگینم
نی خاکم و نی بادم و نی آتش و آبم
من روحم و من نوحم و با نور قرینم
من ماهی دریایم و در حوض نگنجم
من رنجم و من گنجم و ویرانه نشینم
من عشقم و جز عشق حدیث دگری نیست
در شرح نگنجد که چنانم که چنینم

And my translation to English:

Who am I?
I'm the miracle of the earth tumultuous century 
A prophet without a book nor rituals nor religion 

I'm burned, how could I be afraid of this flame?
I am a descendant of Abraham, and of the believers 

I stepped over the world and got redeemed from this earth 
I am not disbelief nor faith, not that nor this

I am the shadow of a king and the interpretation of the heaven 
I am descended from Solomon and I wear the seal ring 

I am not earth nor air, not fire nor water
I'm a holy spirit, I'm Noah, I'm the peer of light   

I am a sea fish, how could I fit into a fountain?
I am a labor, a treasure, I live in the ruins 

I am the "Love" and no story could be told except that
How could I describe it by words that who am I