4- Multiscale Gas Transport in Heterogenous Media: This is the main research project of PhD studies and aims to consider the effects of gas desorption, surface diffusion, and gas slippage while flowing through a nano/micro porous media with different types of mineralogies

3- Realistic Pore Network Extraction: This has been a self motivated research activity started from 2014 to extract a more physically realistic pore network from porous media images. The tricky point is to keep the pore network computationally affordable while not doing so much simplification. Some of the published papers in the Articles section of this website address this concept.

2- CarboFields: A fuzzy-based software to screen EOR methods applicable for oil fields based on the similary analysis

1- PetroEco: Fast economical analysis to evaluate the feasibility of the oil and gas field development projects based on machine learning on a cost database


Research projects that I have been engaged to mainly in the field of Reservoir Engineering and Porous Media. The technologies I have used are mainly machine learning, image processing, data mining, and big data handling techniques.